Untitled Photographs

The photographs on this site which are not documentary or recordings of my conceptual work, are analogue interventions in digital photography or digital interventions in analogue photographs. My interest is not in recording an image of the apparent dominating visual element or registering a mood I had about the visual element when taking the original photograph. The original photographs, which can be digital or analogue, are worked analogously and then digitally or vice-versa so the end results are neither completely digital nor analogue. This process interests me, as much as the resulting images, though it is important to me that the resulting images provoke emotional responses.

            In a way I suppose I am trying to interfere with the dead eye of the camera and find at different times in different images, both a harmony and conflict between digital and analogous processes. Of course, none of this should matter to the viewer, unless the viewer’s interest is provoked to find out how the resulting images came about. However, even I am unable to satisfy such curiousity as these images are made on a melting of the knife. Often I have no plan, I just work intuitively, even if the initial image was fully worked out and planned.

            There are no conclusions to be had as I have no end goal. I am neither looking for that one great image that will declare these experiments a success nor do I foresee an end in this experimentation. I see these experiments as an on going process, which I admit, I might at some point abandon. However, I stress abandoning as opposed to concluding, as such experimentation has no logical end point. There are so many additional actions and interferences that can be added to the process and so many different directions I could take it.

            On one level I see this analogue intervention in digital imagery as part rebellion and part exploration, part Luddite, part adventurer, while the digital intervention in the analogue, is a convenience. In a way I suppose I am rebelling against the computer camera, where the photographer is more of an operator than an artist. All this is a long-winded way of saying the images are what they are. People will see something in them or not. As the old adage goes, there is no accounting for taste. However, taste is the least of my worries or only worries me in as far as it hinders me. My major concerns are process and creating the opportunity for chance. While I am interested in beauty, I have no interest in classic or idealised beauty but the natural beauty of people, objects and places, often subject to chance. 

Obscenis, peream, Priape, si non
uti me pudet improbisque verbis
sed cum tu posito deus pudore
ostendas mihi coleos patentes
cum cunno mihi mentula est vocanda